In tunnel ventilation (VIDEO) extractor fans are located on the back wall of the building and air inlets are placed on the opposite side. This creates a so-called tunnel effect, as the air inside the building flows lenghtways.

As our prefabricated buildings are airtight, air pressure inside them is low. Therefore, outside air pressure forces air into the house through air inlets and then, it is pumped out by the fans. The external air flow containing oxygen crosses the building at a preset speed, removing ammonia and carbon dioxide and creating a healthy environment.

Ventilation systems in Sperotto poultry houses are developed to ensure the real wellness of animals. Considering the high flock density existing nowadays in modern farming, it is fundamental to provide an efficient ventilation in order to get the highest productive levels.

Therefore, the main purposes of our ventilation systems are:


*    removing the moisture produced by the birds;

*    cooling the animals and providing an ideal temperature and humidity levels;

*    removing the gas produced by manure fermentation;

*    oxygenating the rearing area to ensure a uniform air exchange.


SPEROTTO S.p.A. ventilation systems are controlled by an electronic Climate Control Board, which grants anytime the needed temperatures, pressure and humidity levels. Sperotto offers top quality climate control boards, in cooperation with the best European manufacturers.